These are some of the courses I have taken as an undergraduate. The courses listed highlight what I have learned while attending Auburn University. I feel these are most relevant to what I want to achieve in my career.

This course was an overview of the functions, practices and growing application of public relations in both the private industry and the public sector. I learned about the historical development of public relations, career opportunities in the field and the use of public relations and communication strategies to achieve organizational goals. I was also introduced to basic public relations practices (research, planning, communication and evaluation) and practical guidelines for using written techniques.
This is a course designed to provide an understanding of both effective and ineffective public relations methods through studying actual cases from the field. I studied the process of solving public relations problems. I applied that to case studies. I applied that process to case studies and developed my problem-solving skills by critically analyzing those case studies.
This was an intensive writing course with the purpose of preparing public relations students to key audiences through a variety of media and tools. I learned how to identify key audiences and the best way to communicate with them. I planned, wrote and produced public relations tools, including several press releases, a backgrounder and social media releases. I also produced both a crises media kit and a promotional one.
This course taught me the basic principles of public relations research. The main focus was on assessing the validity and value of the information given or collected. I learned theory behind writing survey questions and the different survey methods. I used Qualtrics as the method of collecting the data. I worked as part of a group to complete a survey research project for an assigned, real client.
This is one of the two capstone courses for Public Relations majors. It involves the application of all the knowledge we have learned, including communication theory, research data and problem-solving techniques. This is done through developing a complete public relations campaign that addresses a problem or opportunity for a real client.
This is the second of the two capstone courses. The purpose of this course is for students to show they know how to use style and design in public relations messages. I was required to write one story a week, for three different news sources. The main product of this class is this website, but I also produced a magazine, an infographic and an animated GIF.

In this course, I learned the basics of writing for journalistic and public relations purposes. I was taught and tested on Associated Press style, appropriate word usage and correct spelling. The course was graded in a way that you do not get credit for the course if you make less than an 83 on any test.
This course served as an introduction to newswriting techniques. It had an emphasis on learning news values, recognizing parts of a story and writing stories that meet high standards for accuracy, grammar, style and spelling. I learned how to write news leads and press releases. I was also taught about laws and ethics when newswriting.
This was an elective that taught me about gathering and reporting news stories. There was an emphasis on writing clear, accurate and meaningful stories for both digital and print publications. I used Storify to write up stories and live-tweeted events. Additionally, I learned how to write a story on lectures, speeches and meetings. Students were required to have quotes from at least two different people in attendance of the events, so I also learned how to approach people for interviews and how to quickly come up with questions to ask.

This is an oral communication theory course. In the course, I practiced public speaking with an emphasis on communication content, speech organization, adaption to the audience and content delivery. I was assigned different topics and required to deliver a speech on them.
This course was an introduction to the basic principles of various communicatioin forms, dominant communication theories and communication industries. The course included a discussion lab where I was required to demonstrate my understanding of the class material.
This course dealt with the different types of problems encountered when there is communication between different cultures. It explored issues related to the intercutural communication process and examined the role of social, cultural and historical context in human interaction. I

In this course, I was introduced to the legal environment, particularly as it pertains to the business world. I learned about contracts, sales, torts and the judicial system. Additionally, I was introduced to ethical principles of business.
This was an introductory economics course. The focus of the course was on consumer behavior, globalization of markets and the role of government in market failures. I learned about supply & demand and scarcity & choice.
This course provided me with a basic understanding of marketing practices and concepts. I was taught to apply my knowledge to be able to understand and calculate the impact of certain marketing decisions. I was also required to solve common marketing problems through exercises done for the class.
In this course, I learned about the functions of management and how to apply management principles within an organization. I became familiar with the basic skills and activities of managers. I became aware of the different things that influence an organization and how its management works. I had to apply my knowledge to organizational case studies that were due every other week.
This course provided a lot of information about the strategic decision-making behind retails and the financial aspects of retail organizations. I learned how to balance a three-month budget, as well as other "retail math" necessary to run a retail organizations. I was also introduced to the ideas and concepts behind a constantly changing business environment.
This course helped me learn to examine the extent to which advertising can change consumer behavior. I learned about why certain marketing strategies and tactics work while others do not. I also studied how organizations have failed internally with its marketing objectives and why organizations choose to either hire advertising consultants from outside or keep them in-house.